Nyonya Recipe is a small independent food producer. As such we try our best to live by the goals and policy pertaining to the environment, health and safety, people the and reduction of waste.

Caring for the Environment

All our products are plant-based.  This is our commitment to reuse and  recycle resources as much as possible.

Currently we try to limit the use of single-use plastics. Where appropriate, we use beeswax cloth to replace cling film.

The cookies are packed in bio-degradable cellulose packing which bio-degrades in about 100 days when in contact with moisture and light, which is similar to the conditions in the compost, or landfill. If you do not have a compost bin, it is alright, as the material will decompose anyway.

The peanut cookies are really crumbly are tightly packed in plastic jars. I have yet to find an alternative, and we are working on it. Please reuse the jar.

We do not use single-use plastic bags. Instead we use paper bags. Sometimes we do reuse paper bags that we get from shopping. 

As   a small producer, we source our ingredients and materials locally, or as local as we can get. This reduces the carbon foot print of our business.

Packing and Shipping

We use paper-based packing and shipping materials. At times we reuse packing materials that come from our own purchases. This includes void fills, boxes, bubble wraps, some plastics, etc.

We reuse  plastic packing materials  like bubble wraps and air packs. This is better than disposing them and let it go to the landfill. It is better to use it as much as possible. This means the plastic get reused many times, thus reducing purchases, and therefore, less demand. We urge you to do the same.

Please note that bubble wraps are recyclable. Some councils do recycle them and some do not.

At times we do reuse some wrapping materials that are not 100% bio-degradable as we have not found an alternative. But we are on a constant look out.

Local community

Nyonya Recipe works with the local community on a regular basis. Food that are excess or not sold in farmers markets are donated to the community house where it is distributed to the needy or the homeless.

  • Volunteering Sector

We are also in the process of working with the voluntary sector to offer voluntary positions to those who require or need work experience. This is our commitment to the local community.

  • Love Food Hate Waste

I have personally organised and conducted cookery lessons in several community houses under the Love Food Hate Waste (Leicestershire) initiative.

  • Time out for Carers Group, Barwell

As a carer, I support this group as we have gained so much support as a group. This is a group run by carers for carers in the surrounding areas. We provide much needed peer support, as carers are a different category of people. Only a carer understands the role and responsibility of a carer.

Our group was nominated as a finalist in the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council’s Making A Difference Award 2019. We were nominated in the Creating a Sense of Community category. The group was constituted last quarter of 2018, and we were nominated so soon into our 1st year.

As I have personally benefited from the group, a small percentage of the revenue will be donated to the Time Out for Carers Group, Barwell. Your support will be much appreciated.


Our goal is to add value to all stake holders: customers, suppliers, employees, owner and any party that we work or collaborate with in our. We expect the same principals  in return.