• Vegan Chigan, leek and potato pasty
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Chigan Leek & Potato Pasty – 6 pieces


An Oriental take on your English favourite! Just a wee bit tastier.

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This pasty is Tantalizingly Tasty Try it.

Vegan food for lunch.

A plant-based pasty that tastes as good as if there is real chicken in it.

What is ‘chigan’?

It’s vegan chicken.  It is just my way of making  it simple, without using the long ‘vegan chicken’ when I discribe it.

Are you looking for some comfort food that is plant-based as well? Well, you found it!

Local leeks are cooked with spices and herbs to give it a light flavour. Local potatoes are added to the Chigan to give the authentic taste. The taste is familiar, yet with a new sensation

The pastry is handmade and tastes light and crunchy. This is a British favourite chicken, leek & potato pasty with a twist. There is an Oriental spice hiding in there. Guess which one?

  • Enjoy a ligh & crunchy pastry that will tentalize your taste buds.
  • It is my own creation, one-of-a kind pasty which you cannot get else where, lucky you
  • A new flavour without over–cloying
  • Delicious filling with a sutle hint of sweetness and warmth.
  • Packed in bio-degradable materials – kind to the environment

Allow 2-3 business days to freshly bake and ship the order.


  • Delicious as it is
  • Ideal as party food
  • Makes a great tasty meal, too
  • Good as a packed lunch
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How to enjoy.

As this can be frozen, it is handy to have around in the fridge or the freezer. It makes and instant meal. Just add a salad and, or, a bowl of soup and voila! Lunch is served.

  • This pastry can be served cold or warm.
  • To get the most enjoyment, serve warm.


Pack of 6 pasties (plant-based)

Size: large.


Flour (gluten), vegetable shortening, vegan quorn, vegetable oil, leek, garlic, nutmeg, bay leaf, salt, white peper,  tapioca flour, tumeric, goldern syrup, seasoning: soy. sesame, wheat (gluten) traces: peanuts

Allergy information: See ingredients in bold.

Storage and Heating instructions


  • Upon receipt of parcel, remove and store in fridge.
  • It can last 7 days from date of shipping and 10 days if stored in the fridge.
  • Can be frozen. Freeze immediately upon receipt.


  • As there is moisture in the filling, this pasty is best served warm.
  • If frozen, defrost and heat in the oven Mark 4, 180C for 12 to 15 minutes, or until heated through
  • Cool and serve.
  • If you do not have time to defrost, add 5+ minutes to the heating time. the heating instructions are a guide only and depends on your oven
This is the best pasty I have come across. Tastes like real chicken. Are you sure it there is no chicken in it?
Pat L
Business owner
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Dimensions 20.5 × 30.5 × 15.5 cm


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