• Dragon Ball Pasty
  • An open dragon ball pasty revealing the mung bea paste filling.
  • A row of dragon ball pasty.
  • Dragon ball pasty with the main ingredients: mung beans and shallots.
  • A close of of the pasty showing the beautiful filling and crumbly crust.
  • Just baked dragon ball pasty.

Dragon Ball Pasty – 6 pieces


A sweet pasty?? Yes, this is a sweet pasty based on the Chinese Dragon Ball biscuits. No dragons were harm in the making of it. This is a best seller.

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A delightful harmonious taste of yin-yang. Enjoy it.

What is Dragon ball?

East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.

-“The Ballad of East and West,” a poem by Rudyard Kipling.

The Dragon Ball pasty is not in agreement with this! Time has changed. The Dragon Ball Pasty in an expression of the meeting of cultures. An expression the fusion of yin and yang.

Dragon Ball, in its original form is a type of biscuit loved by the Chinese. It can be found in the far East like China, Hong Kong as well as in South-east Asia where there are Chinese communities. It is also known as Tau Sar Pneah (Hokkien dialect) or Tambun Biscuits in Malaysia. It is a famous Penang biscuit.

The biscuits are round and the size varies between a flattened tennis ball to as small as a flattened lime. It is sold in boxes and in the olden days, wrapped in paper in a long roll.

The filling is made of mung beans. It is sweet, yet salty. It personifies the duality of things: yin-yang, sweet-salty, east-west.

This biscuit has a British make-over.

Instead of the traditional Chinese flaky pastry, I use home-made puff pastry. The filling stays true to its original taste.

It beautifully describes what Nyonya culture is all about. The Chinese incorporating the Malay/Indian elements in their cooking and now I am incorporating the British element in it as well.

  • Enjoy a light & crunchy pastry with the sweet and salty taste of the filling, – bliss!
  • That is why it is known as yin-yang A balance of tastiness
  • It is my own creation, one-of-a kind pasty which you cannot get elsewhere, lucky you
  • Flavourful mashed mung beans as the filling, you get plant protein as well
  • Packed in compostable clear bags – kind to the environment
  • This is a small-sized pasty – around 12cm by 7 to 8cm calzone shape. weight is around 85 to 90.

 Allow 2-3 business days to freshly prepare and ship the order.


  • Delicious as it is
  • Ideal for as party food
  • Great served with tea or coffee
  • Can be consumed as a breakfast or afternoon tea item
  • A quick pick-me-up when you need to satisfying snack
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How to enjoy.

These pasties are normally eaten as a snack.

  • It can be served cold or warm.
  • To get the most enjoyment, serve warm.


Pack of 6 pasties (plant-based)

  • This is a small-sized pasty – around 12cm by 7 to 8cm calzone shape, weight is around 85 to 90g  Sold in bakes and in peices.


Flour (gluten), vegetable shortening, mung beans, sugar, vegatable oil, onions, salt tapioca flour, tumeric, goldern syrup

Allergy information: See ingredients in bold

Storage and Heating instructions


  • Upon receipt of parcel, remove and store in fridge.
  • It can last 7 days from date of shipping and 10 days if stored in the fridge.
  • Can be frozen. Freeze immediately upon receipt.


  • As there is moisture in the filling, this pasty is best served warm.
  • If frozen, defrost and heat in the oven Mark 4, 180C for 12 to 15 minutes, or until heated through
  • Cool and serve.
  • If you do not have time to defrost, add 5+ minutes to the heating time. The heating instructions are a guide only and depends on your oven
A shout out to @mynyonyarcipe who was the loveliest lady and gave us so many tasty Malaysian Britsh Fusion tasters. I didn't get to take a pic before my fam demolished all the goodies I brought, but the Sio Bao pasty, Chigan, leek and potato pasty , and the carrot cake ( with a kick) were magical.- via instagram story.
The dragon balls are so delicious. Absolutely tasteful and delicious!! Order from Loretta's shop. Gluten free products are also available. give her a call!
I would like to give a huge shout out to Loretta Lee (NyonyaRecipeShop.com). I tasted her Dragon Ball Pasties last week. Packaging was excellent and her pasties were Yummmmmy! The pastry was so soft with fresh buttery taste. My fussy eater son loved it! He had three of those! Loretta makes savoury one up too. Please do try her pasties. You would love it!
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A baked carrot cake from the cake mix.

Fancy a cake?

A tasty moreish carrot cake with walnut and ginger.

Cick here to get yours

I want it!

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 11 cm


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