• Pasty in a row
  • A coconut pasty broken to show the creamy cool coonut filling.
  • A freshly baked coconut pasty.
  • A coconut pasty coconut and brown sugar
  • Brown sugar, cardamoms and dessicated coconut are some of the ingredients of the pasty

Cool Coconut Pasty – 6 pieces


This cool coconut pasty is filled with coconut and palm sugar. It also has a tropical spice added to give it an extra ooomph. Enjoy the new taste sensation.

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The Tropical Taste of Cool Coconut. Savour it.

What is in the Cool Coconut pasty?

A quick and satisfying coconut dessert that is not a cake, for once.   A truly non-authentic Cornish Pasty.

This pasty is smaller than the savoury ones, and the same size as the Dragon Ball pasty. Coconut is a main ingredient in Malaysian cooking and it is used for both savoury and sweet dishes.

The white coconut flesh is normally used in cakes or ‘kuih’, as we call it. Most of our cakes are steamed unlike here where cakes are normally baked.

Coconut that is used as a sweet is almost always flavoured with pandan leaves, sugar and or brown sugar. Palm sugar is used as well.

This time I am combining it with cardamom. This combination is not usual in Malaysia.  The 2 flavours complement each other very well.

The coconut is creamy and filled with the lovely bouquet of cardamoms.

Together with the pastry, it is luscious and pleasant tasting. This pre-baked pasty is ready to be served.

  • Filled with creamy coconut infused with cardamoms.
  • Pasty is light and crunchy
  • It is a tasty vegan dessert
  • It can be served as a tea item
  • It is my own creation, one-of-a kind pasty which you cannot get elsewhere, lucky you
  • Packed in bio-degradable materials – kind to the environment

Allow 2-3 business days to freshly bake and ship the order.


  • Delicious as it is
  • Ideal for as party food
  • Great served with tea or coffee
  • Can be consumed as a breakfast or afternoon tea item
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How to enjoy.

These pasties are normally eaten as a snack.

  • It can be served cold or warm.
  • To get the most enjoyment, serve warm.


Pack of 6 pasties (plant-based)


Flour (gluten), vegetable shortening, mung beans, sugar, vegatable oil, onions, salt tapioca flour, tumeric, goldern syrup,

Allergy information: See ingredients in bold.

Storage and Heating instructions


  • Upon receipt of parcel, remove and store in fridge.
  • It can last 7 days from date of shipping and 10 days if stored in the fridge.
  • Can be frozen. Freeze immediately upon receipt.


  • As there is moisture in the filling, this pasty is best served warm.
  • If frozen, defrost and heat in the oven Mark 4, 180C for 12 to 15 minutes, or until heated through
  • Cool and serve.
  • If you do not have time to defrost, add 5+ minutes to the heating time. The heating instructions are a guide only and depends on your oven

The coconut filling is creamy.

– Armit G

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 11 cm


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